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“ROTOR Power in an already light crankset that is simple to calibrate and change batteries.  It’s a no-brainer.  It allows key strength sessions, race pacing and fitness testing at home to be possible. It’s not a marginal gain, it's a maximal-gain. Add the ovalised QXL Rings for better power application and smoothness in real world conditions."


Coach Joe Beer |

"Using ROTOR QXL Rings mean I get more out of each pedal stroke, which really adds up over the 112 mile ironman bike leg.   Training and racing with ROTOR power ensures I work hard enough when I need to but importantly for Ironman, I keep the enthusiasm and adrenaline on a leash when pacing and controlled effort is key.

Since using ROTOR power and QXL Rings my training has been more focused and specifically reflected in a step up in race day performance and consistency."


Vicky Gill |

"Coming from a background of both engineering and sports science, the idea of non circular chain rings to compensate for the huge differences in power throughout the pedalling cycle has always made sense to me, since the first flawed examples in the late 1980s.

When ROTOR launched their rings I was sure they could provide a serious advantage over round rings and I immediately tried the product, putting them on every bike to maximise the muscle memory in training.

I now run the even more heavily ovalised QXL Rings and find these the best yet.

I also use ROTOR chainsets on all bikes which are stiff and light, everything I need from a high performance chainset."


Sam Gardner | Xterra Athlete

"I've been using ROTOR chainrings since 2009. While using ROTOR chainrings I have won many elite cycle races and professional triathlons, such as challenge Weymouth where I biked the fastest split and then backed it up with the fastest run.  ROTOR chainrings really are a great tool to improve your cycling and running off the bike."

Joe Skipper | Professional Triathlete 

"I started using Q-Rings ten months ago, initially on my time trial bike and more recently on my road bike as well. I have found it much easier to stay on top of my pedal stroke when time trialling. I am smoother, more relaxed and at the same heart rate am producing more power."

First GB Pro Male, World Ironman Championships 2014

Harry Wiltshire | Profesional Triathlete


"I have been using ROTOR Rings since 2010 and have them on all my bikes - TT, Road and 29er mountain bike. In fact, I can’t ride without them!

I  have successfully raced in some of the biggest triathlons in the world on ROTOR Q-Rings including Ironman World Championships, Xterra World Championships, ITU Long Course World Champs, Abu Dhabi Long Course Triathlon as well a numerous 70.3 and Ironman around Europe.

For me they work really well. I’m quite a quad dominant rider so they enable me to get the power down hard and fast when its matters. Saving the hamstrings for the run!"

John Heasman | Xterra Athlete/ Ironman 70.3 / MTB XC Racer - PowerBar UK 


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