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"I have used Q-Rings for three seasons now, including the QXL Rings on a ROTOR Powermeter. The information provided by the Powermeter has highlighted to me the differences and efficiencies in my pedal stroke. The software included is cutting edge and helps pass the time for any indoor workouts I have to complete. The QXL Rings help keep my legs feeling fresher throughout racing and training, going from Q-Rings to QXL has been like going to Q-Rings from round rings all over again. If I swap to the QXL a few days before race day it's like a turbo boost for my legs."

Chris Opie | Rapha Condor

"I started using Q-Rings in 2013 and found the adaptation easy; no soreness or any other issues. Instantly felt more efficient when racing and my results were good. I continued to use them this season also used a ROTOR Power meter (I have always trained and raced with power meters). One of the greatest benefits I have found while using Q-Rings is that my sprint is extended by around 10 seconds which for a sprinter is a massive benefit. I was quizzed by a spectator at a race this year and told him about the effect on my sprint which surprised him."

Andrew Hawdon | KTM Cycling RT

“I have used ROTOR Q-Rings and ROTOR chainsets for many, many years now and I would never go back to round rings or standard chainsets. The ROTOR rings are just SO stiff and one of the most attractive things about this is that all the force you put down is transferred to the rear wheel and the fact that you can use the 110 BCD chain set and use 36/53 rings or any rings you like on the compact spider. So you don’t have to buy another chainset if you want to have compact rings or “normal” rings . I also now have the QXL-Rings which, for me, have been a bigger revelation than the Q-Rings were.  It’s another leap forward as far as my riding is concerned.  I find them brilliant when climbing, sprinting or “rouleuring” on the flat  - a case in point was last week when a “real” bike rider caught me and one of my athletes on the bottom of the Horseshoe pass, he went past us and looked back (a fatal thing to do to me !!). He took about 500 metres on us, so I gave my athlete the nod and I just sat down in the saddle and “floated” up to his rear wheel … I am sure I couldn’t have done that as easily ifvon round rings .. He attacked me five times more to the top and each time the ROTOR QXL’s had that super “acceleration” to allow me to close immediately and he just couldn’t shake me all the way to the top .. I put that down to the acceleration of the QXL-Rings and the elimination of that dead spot which can make climbing so hard!  I have absolutely no hesitation in saying ROTOR QXL-Rings are the best thing to aid an efficient pedalling action and are a distinct advantage to me and any other bike rider who gives them a try! …. PLUS, I now am hooked on the ROTOR power meters which have never given me a day’s trouble since installing them .. Another first ”

Dave Lloyd | Former Olympic Rider, Now top level coach


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